Book Sales and Recommendations – Week of December 8, 2013

Book Sales and Recommendations

BOOK SALES and RECOMMENDATIONS are current as of December 8, 2013.

Prices are subject to change without notice.



NAKED by Raine Miller. $1.99

Book 1 of THE BLACKSTONE AFFAIR, you’ll fall in love with Brynne and her foul-mouthed love, Ethan in this hot contemporary romance.

jaggedJAGGED by Kristen Ashley. $2.00

The fifth standalone installment of Kristen Ashley’s COLORADO MOUNTAIN. I read and loved THE GAMBLE, which is Book 1 in this series. Kristen Ashley’s style is unique and her characters are unforgettable. Settle in on a cold day with a COLORADO MOUNTAIN story.

edge of neverTHE EDGE OF NEVER by J.A. Redmerski. $1.50

It all started here with Camryn and Andrew and the road trip to their destiny. Check out the sequel, THE EDGE OF ALWAYS and read my review.

unidentified redheadTHE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD by Alice Clayton. $2.99

redhead revealedTHE REDHEAD REVEALED by Alice Clayton. $2.99

Sweet Niblets!!! This sexy, hilarious series about a wannabe starlet and a British movie star is beyond satisfying. Alice Clayton is right up there for me as the funniest woman in contemporary literature. If you need laughs and a lot of naughty (and plenty of pop culture references), get to know Grace. The third installment of this series, THE REDHEAD PLAYS HER HAND, drops later this month. Read my review of THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD.

left drowning hi-res-LD-cover-200x300LEFT DROWNING by Jessica Park $2.00

The book that make me decide to finally start writing about all these books and authors I loved. ❤ Don’t skip the audiobook…the narration is amazeballs. And, the audiobook is just $1.99 after you buy the Kindle copy.

sweet gum treeTHE SWEET GUM TREE by Katherine Alread $1.49

I LOVE, love, love this book about childhood love that evolves into a layered, complicated adult tale set in the deep South.


RECOMMENDATIONS – What I’m obsessing about this week!

18621172CASTLE HILL by Samantha Young

Joss and Braden return. I loved this so much I can’t hardly stand it. Read my review here. Pick up ON DUBLIN STREET first and fall in love with Joss and Braden as they find love in spite of some seriously screwed up pasts.

gabriels redemptionGABRIEL’S REDEMPTION by Sylvain Reynard

The long-awaitedl conclusion to the Gabriel trilogy, GABRIEL’S REDEMPTION ties up all the loose ends in a deeply satisfying way. I smiled through most of it and can honestly say this series is one of my favorite of all time. Need to have ALL the feels?  Yeah, you need to know The Professor and his Beatrice. Read GABRIEL’S INFERNO and GABRIEL’S RAPTURE before this last installment. Read my review of the series here.


I’m kicking myself for not giving this series a chance sooner. I met Tara Sivec in September at a book signing and she made a BIG impression. I seriously want to have lunch with her.

The trilogy above is packaged together in one neat package, but each book is available individually, too. You may want to buy it that way if you are an audiobook addict (like I am), because buying the book greatly reduces the audiobook’s price. I am currently on book two, FUTURES AND FROSTING, and it’s clear the series should be read as one story. The second book is when all of the conflict comes in. All of the happy building of a the story of Claire and Carter is in book one, SEDUCTION AND SNACKS. When you get lose your virginity and get knocked up at a frat party by a total stranger you can’t find the next day, it looks sort of bleak, right?  Fast forward five years and watch the sweetness of reconciliation begin. It’s delicious and SO hilarious! I have literally LOL’d more times than I can count. I’m looking forward to TROUBLES AND TREATS, the last installment, as soon as I can get there.



Releasing December 10

18528454A BEAUTIFUL WEDDING by Jamie McGuire

Releasing December 17

The Redhead Plays Her HandTHE REDHEAD PLAYS HER HAND by Alice Clayton

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