REVIEW – Flat-Out Celeste by Jessica Park

Flat-Out Celeste

Dear Flat Finn,

Our beautiful girl is having quite a senior year. Like all of us, regardless of labels, she is stumbling through finding her true self. It was rough there for a while, but I think, perhaps, she is turning the corner.

She appears to have a delightful new collection of friends, which is great considering Matt isn’t living at home anymore and Julie is on the West Coast. Someone really should talk to Matt about pulling his head out of his ass. Since you are without opposable thumbs, I cannot task you with this. Still, perhaps your presence could turn things around. It’s done wonders in the past.

I’m so pleased to see Erin and Roger so happy. Experimental cooking and travel abound! Proper social protocols appear to have been established. They’re such big fans of Celeste’s and have gently pushed her but haven’t ever tried to fix her. Bless them…as if anyone would want to fix something as unique as Celeste. She is perfectly herself.

A young man named Justin has taken quite a shine to Celeste as of late. He’s a Boston boy at a small college in California and he appears to be able to communicate with Celeste in a way that makes her comfortable. Wonder of wonders, he is delightful and quirky and appears to like every hair on Celeste’s head. She, of course, is a bit baffled by Justin, but he’s very patient. I’ve got a good feeling about those two.

In closing, you’ve missed a lot since you were assigned to your new room, Flat Finn. I am grateful for your place in the Watkins’ home and life at a time when they all needed you in some way or another. Thank you for being patient. You have accepted your lot and alterations with grace and dignity. Even at your light weight, you are heavy with purpose. On that note, you may be needed again soon. Please don’t lose these qualities when you’re given the opportunity to serve again.



P.S. Without even knowing what I wanted this story to look like, Jessica Park managed to deliver it in spades. You should get to know her and all of her delightful tales of the Watkins family. FLAT-OUT LOVE and FLAT-OUT MATT will get you to the proper place to enjoy this tale without any spoilers.

5 stars


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