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Braden Carmichael never imagined he’d fall as hard and as fast as he did for Jocelyn Butler. He also could not have anticipated how difficult it would be to convince her to give in to love. But now that he has her, he’s never letting go. He’s got it all planned—the passionate proposal, the dream wedding, the sexy Hawaiian honeymoon—even the perfect family they’ll start.

After trying to flee from her painful past, Joss is finally allowing herself to embrace the future. But when things start moving faster than she anticipated, she finds herself panicking over something Braden can’t understand. After everything they’ve been through, Joss is sure that their love can survive even her worst fears. But, this time, she may push Braden too far—and risk losing everything all over again…


Fans of ON DUBLIN STREET are finally getting more Joss and Braden with CASTLE HILL. I, for one, devoured this novella in a single day and I must warn you that ALL THE FEELS are present and accounted for. I had to put my Kindle in Time Out a couple of times because of an excess of conflicting emotion. I really love Joss and Braden. Seeing them beginning  their Happily Ever After was so satisfying that I was moved nearly to tears at points.

Forgive me if I go on about them as if they’re real people in my life. I blame Samantha Young.

Braden’s is still a bit of a caveman.  He’s adorably Alpha but Braden is my flavor of Alpha. He’s a family man. He’s deeply protective. He’s always in charge but rarely needs to say so. A leader of people who also falls into line at the right times, especially with Joss, his half-sister Ellie, and his stepmother, Elodie, Braden tends to pick his battles accordingly more often than not. The ladies in his life are perfectly happy to remind him when he’s overstepping. Sometimes he even listens.

Joss’ fears still run deep, but she’s managing them well.  She’s moved past fearing relationships and is invested in embracing them now. The fear is still there, but she knows the victory is in facing the fear and loving in spite of it. It’s so refreshing…and besides,  it may be Braden’s turn to be a bit irrational this time around.

Joss and Braden’s sex life is hot and hotter and Braden’s filthy mouth from ON DUBLIN STREET  is now often matched by Joss’ this time around.

Turning around I reached past him and shoved our door shut, leaning my breasts into his chest as I turned the lock. I was still grinning when I tipped my head back to meet his heated gaze. “If you’re wondering if I’m sober enough to fuck but drunk enough for it to be especially hot, the answer is yes.”

Braden fought a smile. “Have I ever told you how much I love that filthy mouth of yours?”

Their wedding is perfect and perfectly them.

When he pulled back, Braden’s expression was reassuring as he murrmured against my lips, “I love you,  you love me, our family loves us and is right beside us. Nothing else matters. So no fears for the future. No fear that you’ll fuck it up beyond repair. Life isn’t perfect, we aren’t perfect, but I’m telling you now, Jocelyn, we’re indestructible. Stop shaking,  and just marry me.

Joss has a family again at last. I needed a minute after that exchange.

The honeymoon is beautiful, of course. It  ushers in the real life of being married and living up to each others expectations. Expect bumps…and expect the best. The tables are turning in more ways than one this time around. It’s delicious and, honestly, you should be reading by now.

The novella ends around the 85% mark. The last bit is a preview for Samantha’s next novel, BEFORE JAMAICA LANE.

On an editorial note, I am also thrilled to see Paula Costello has returned to narrate CASTLE HILL, as her narration of ON DUBLIN STREET is stunning. Costello brings all of the characters, with both male, female, American and Scottish, to life without a seam showing. I’ve listened to ON DUBLIN STREET more times than I can count and I am always beyond impressed with how much each character sounds as if it’s being performed by a different narrator, but they’re all Costello’s creations. Much of my love for Joss and Braden comes from Costello’s ability to transport Young’s creation off the page and into my soul.

5 stars

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