REVIEW – Bound in Blue (Cirque Masters #2)

Bound in Blue


At a small, struggling circus in Ulaanbaatar, a fearless trapezist fascinates Cirque du Monde talent scout Jason Beck, until he realizes, halfway through the act, that he already knows this exotic, blue-eyed beauty. Intimately. If he’d known she was part of the act he was here to recruit, he never would have done such basely carnal things to her the night before!

Torn by professional and personal desires, Jason invites Sara to Paris. She’s thrilled to join Cirque du Monde, but her trapeze partner, Baat, is less cooperative. When tensions threaten the future of Sara and Baat’s act, she finds solace in a sexy, consuming Master/slave relationship with Jason. Jason’s strict requirements match perfectly with Sara’s desires to submit, to do whatever it takes to please her Master. Soon they’re barreling toward deeper commitments, even love.

But circus life can be chaotic. Perilous. Cirque CEO—and brutal Master—Michel Lemaitre develops an uncomfortable interest in the submissive trapezist, and Baat becomes increasingly difficult to control. Fears and secrets, jealousy and uncertainties threaten to undo everything Sara and Jason have built in their intimate BDSM sessions. Hurt by lies, rocked by shocking revelations, the two must battle to remain bound together in love.


Annabel Joseph never disappoints me and BOUND IN BLUE is no exception. Always centered around artistic, passionate, kinky folks, Joseph’s novels take you into worlds unknown and keep you reading until the last page. BOUND IN BLUE is the second offering in the Cirque Masters series and could be considered a standalone. That said, don’t skip CIRQUE DU MINUIT. Kelsey and Theo (who play prominently in BOUND IN BLUE) are not to be missed. In fact, many of the characters established in CIRQUE DU MINUIT are back and up to all sorts of new things. Cirque owner Michel Lemaitre is no less kinky, but far more conflicted. It’s great fun to see him not quite together here, especially after all of his exacting Kelsey-related debauchery in the first installment. I love it when strong characters have their moment of doubt…nobody has it all together all the time.

Sara and Jason are delightfully flawed. They both have their secrets, which are big no-no’s in M/s relationships, so it’s just a matter of time before everyone is confronted. The lead up isn’t linear and I didn’t see several of the plot twists coming until RIGHT before they shifted. I love, love, love, “love at first sight” stories and there’s no doubt about Sara and Jason right from the start. Are there going to be potholes on the love to Happily Ever After?  Of course. Joseph will get you there in style, with bated breath and curled toes.

5 stars


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