REVIEW – Searching for Someday by Jennifer Probst

Searching for Someday

Marriage to a Billionaire fans will be thrilled by Jennifer Probst’s new series. The first installment, SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY, is everything we grew to love in the previous series. First, the Book of Spells is back! Second, the whole crew from the MtaB is back in a supporting role. Finally, all the push/pull Probst is known for is all over this book. She gives you so many different emotions to process and situations to deal with, all the while knowing it will end beautifully. Reading her stories is sort of like very safe skydiving…you know, without a plane or a parachute or the actual free fall.

Kate co-owns Kinnections, a matchmaking service in the quirky Upstate New York community of Verily. She’s blonde and straight-laced and was raised by a highly intuitive, pot-loving hippie. She also has “the touch”, which allows her a bit of a jolt when two people are properly matched in love. It’s a family gift going back for generations. She just can’t seem to find anyone to make that connection with for herself.

Slade is a divorce lawyer from Manhattan who doesn’t believe in love. Hurt by his ex-wife and surrounded by people ending marriages every day, he’s chalked it all up to hormones and has vowed to keep his love life casual from now on.

When Slade’s sister leaves Manhattan for Varily and signs up with Kate’s matchmaking service, he sets out to prove her fraudulent. After all, love is an illusion. Let’s the sparks fly!

That’s all you get as far as the love story’s plot goes. Just read it. However, some fun facts for you in the meantime, dear reader.

Kate has a rescued pit bull named Robert, who is based on a real dog, also named Robert. Read up on the real Robert after you finish SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY. It will make your heart that much fuller.

I mentioned previously that the MtaB crew is back. Kate’s best friend is Alexa’s little sister, Gen (whom we met in THE MARRIAGE BARGAIN), now all grown up and completing a surgical residency. Her twin sister Isabella is a full on, leather-clad hellraiser now. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d plan on seeing them star in future tales. I actually squee’d a bit when Kate showed up for family dinner with the MtaB crew and their gaggle of children. Those of us who have “been there” since the beginnings of Alexa and Nick and their marriage of convenience get to see it ALL come full circle and start over again. It’s seriously delicious.  We get to be, dare I say, proud. It goes without saying that if you haven’t read MtaB, you don’t have to in order to enjoy SEARCHING FOR SOMEDAY. That said, I hope you’ll reconsider that immediately. These tales won’t leave you soon.

Last, I believe there is a little bit of magic in the MtaB series. One of my dearest friends had a very rough time conceiving her children and depended on fertility treatments to become pregnant with her older son and twin son and daughter. Infertility is a decidedly unsexy business. Lots of stirrups and medical inseminations. Last summer I told her about MtaB and she devoured all 4 of them all like any good book addict. Apparently they inspired something miraculous because her unplanned, but highly anticipated baby is due in the spring. She swears the series should have a black bar warning on it: “MAY CAUSE UNEXPECTED JOY”. Indeed.

5 stars


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