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Determined to overcome a difficult past, Erica Hathaway learns early on to make it on her own. Days after her college graduation, she finds herself face to face with a panel of investors who will make or break her fledgling startup. The only thing she didn’t prepare for was going weak in the knees over an arrogant and gorgeous investor who seems determined to derail her presentation.

 Billionaire and rumored hacker Blake Landon has already made his fortune in software, and he’s used to getting what he wants. Captivated by Erica’s drive and unassuming beauty, he’s wanted nothing more than to possess her since she stepped into his boardroom. Determined to win her over, he breaks down her defenses and fights for her trust, even if it means sacrificing a level of control he’s grown accustomed to.

 But when Blake uncovers a dark secret from Erica’s past, he threatens not just her trust, but the life she’s fought so hard to create


It’s funny how you find certain authors. I discovered Meredith Wild on Facebook ad for her her author page. Touted as something like “the next Sylvia Day”, I was intrigued. I love Sylvia Day’s books and have greatly enjoyed her Crossfire series. Since the author opened the door for comparison, I walked right through with a lot of mixed emotions and wide eyes.

(SPOILER WARNING) The comparisons to Crossfire are pretty evident from the beginning. Blake is a billionaire 20-something alpha male CEO with control issues and an overcharged libido. Erica is a post-college ingenue with a haunted past and big professional dreams. Sexual assault haunts her past. Her apartment is secretly owned by Blake, who lives in the same building. Blake has brother issues and an old flame who makes passive-aggressive threats to Erica. Erica’s best friend immediately gets into a dysfunctional relationship. Erica’s mother-figure even calls her “baby girl”. I could go on… (END SPOILERS)

So, I read and read and read and ticked off the similarities.

However, I never stopped reading…and by around the 50% mark that was enough for me to know it was worth staying with this one. I was not disappointed.

Despite dipping a toe or five in the Crossfire plot pool, I can chalk the similarities up to inspiration in the same vein as FIFTY SHADES OF GREY’s and GABRIEL’S INFERNO’s similarities to the the TWILIGHT saga. Once the story develops, it takes off in a new direction. Wild’s writing is crisp and elegant. She paints a picture that’s clear and intriguing and very, very sexy. The characters are well developed and their dialogue cut me a bit emotionally. I felt like I was in the middle of their arguments instead of just watching from the sidelines.

The development of Erica and Blake’s sexual relationship is delicious. Their scenes are hot and leave little to the imagination. It’s clear there’s going to be a long road of push/pull between these two. Outside forces threaten them almost immediately. Between the computer hackers, family issues, and the generally combustible nature of Blake and Erica’s relationship, it’s bound to be a bumpy, sexy, intriguing ride.

This is the first book in a series and I will be back for more. HARDPRESSED is set to release soon.

4 stars


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About the Author

Meredith Wild picked up her first romance novel at the tender age of twelve, and shortly after put pen to word processor and made her first attempt at writing a love story inspired by those she so enjoyed reading well past her bedtime.

Her dream of writing took a back seat to college, parenthood and eventually entrepreneurship, which led her into the fast-paced and male-dominated high tech industry.  With enough life experience for a few lifetimes, she now devotes her hours to writing contemporary adult romance, with a hint of kink.

Her debut novel Hardwired tells the story of billionaire bad boy, Blake Landon, and the object of his obsession, strong-willed tech startup CEO, Erica Hathaway. Hardwired will be the first of the Hardwired Series, while writing is underway for the second installment, Hardpressed.

When she isn’t writing or mothering, Meredith can be found sunbathing with an adult beverage.



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