BLOG TOUR – The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton

unidentified redhead

Sweet niblits!!! One of our favorite reads is now available in paperback. Hooray for Alice Clayton’s THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD!

An awesomely Midwestern gal from St. Louis, Alice Clayton is one of the wittiest writers around. If you’re of a certain age (let’s say thirtysomething), you will possibly see yourself so clearly in Clayton’s heroines that you’re just sure you’ve long lost friends. You’ll find your ’80s cultural reference, whether you’ve obsessed over a member of NKOTB, understand the thrill of catching THE GOLDEN GIRLS on television while falling asleep, or can argue the merits of Haim vs. Feldman with the best of them, .

“FINE,” I started, “I will admit that Corey Feldman was genius in Goonies and even semi-cute in Stand By Me, but no one holds a candle to my Lucas,” I protested, determined to win this round. We had recently gotten into a similar discussion about Steve Carrel versus Ricky Gervais and it didn’t end well. Someone got scratched.

Meet Grace Sheridan. Actress. Redhead. Back in Hollywood at 33 after giving up on her dream of acting once. No longer settling, she’s returned to L.A. to make it. She’s fit. She’s in good headspace. She’s got her best friend (and talent agent extraordinaire) Holly to guide her. She doesn’t need any distractions…

Enter Jack Hamilton (who also has an opinion about Cory/Corey, apparently).

I heard a snicker behind me and someone said in a “lovely” British accent, “I think you gotta give the edge to Haim, if only for getting to kiss Heather Graham.”

Jack is a rising star from England. At just 24, he’s about to break wide open in Hollywood in a much-anticipated book adaptation. He’s handsome, almost famous, and smitten with our girl, Grace. Enjoy the ride…it’s sexy, toe-curling fun.

THE UNIDENTIFIED REDHEAD releases today in paperback. Catch the sequel, THE REDHEAD REVEALED in paperback November 5th (available digitally now). The final installment, THE REDHEAD PLAYS HER HAND, releases in all formats December 24th.



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