GIVEAWAY!!! Win a Kindle copy of Mila Ferrera’s SPIRAL


We sort of, absolutely, completely LOVED Mila Ferrera’s debut novel, SPIRAL. You need to meet the Swedish McDreamy, Dr. Aron Lindstrom. Actually, he’s nothing like McDreamy, but he is a hot doctor with a heart of gold. He’s a GOOD GUY. Sigh…not a tattoo or a hoodie in sight. Can you handle it?

You can read our review here!

The best thing Mila made me do this week was to join TWITTER. So, in honor of her gentle nudge over to yet another social media platform, we are GIVING AWAY a Kindle copy of SPIRAL to one lucky winner.

Are you FANGIRLING yet?  I know I am.


How to enter?  It’s simple!


THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED. THANKS! Now, go buy a copy of SPIRAL and read it even if you didn’t win. 🙂

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