REVIEW – Losing Hope by Collen Hoover

Losing Hope

*No Spoilers*
Losing Hope is a true gem. Companion novels can feel repetitive, but Losing Hope is the perfect mix of retelling and new story. New perspectives soothe so much of the original story, Hopeless, for both the main character (Holder), and even more so for the reader. These novels weave a tale of heavy subject matter that makes the reader take a journey of nearly crushing pain, yet you leave this tale without damage…just peace.

We also finally hear from Les, and she has plenty to add to the tale despite her circumstances.

Seeing Sky through Holder’s eyes will break your heart a little. What wouldn’t you do for the love of your life?

Perfect for older teens and up, look to see this novel become as beloved as Hopeless.

ARC provided by NetGalley. Thank you!

Available July 8, 2013

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